EPDM roofing has a bad name. Agree?

In this article we explore EDPM roofing and why it might be worth a second chance.

Prevalence of online supplies, DIYers and 1000’s of poor installations have left a massive trail of destruction, with poor quality calendared EPDM installed with leaking low-grade adhered joints and shocking detailing.  

Yet some types of EPDM are used successfully in other countries in 40+ year specifications in brutal temperature extremes – the likes of which we do not see in the UK. 

And environmentally, EPDM is unparalleled. Long lifespan. Zero plasticisers. 

So why does EPDM have such a bad reputation?

One main reason is the absence of installer regulation, resulting in poor installation standards. 

Another reason is membrane quality. Like other roofing membranes, not all EPDMs are created or installed equal.  There is a fundamental difference in quality between calendared EPDM and extruded EPDM.

There is a high chance that the bad EPDMs you have seen before are calendared EPDMs.

Now – keep reading – Rooflock Eighteen is an extruded EPDM that is unrivalled in lifespan and is jointed without onsite hot-air welding. 

Yes – no hot-air welding at joints and 40+ years life span. Using a factory-made jointing system that saves you on labour costs and removes the ambiguity of onsite welding.

No hot air welding. No long power cables. Saves you significant costs.

We believe that any roofing installation works ONLY IF projects are meticulously regulated to ensure correct installation specifications.

That is why Rooflock Eighteen is only available to Rooflock Partner Contractors and is never available to DIYers, joiners or online suppliers.

Approved Contractors only. Detailed installation specifications only. Jointed with advanced technologies.

Rooflock Eighteen:

  • No-Weld Joints – labour saving
  • Regulated – approved contractors only
  • 25 year product warranty
  • Exclusive – no online supplies
  • Extruded – no pin holes (unlike ordinary calendared EPDM)

Interested, but had your fingers burned in the past? We understand your caution. Why not call us for a chat?