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Asbestos roofs – what are the options?

We explore whether asbestos roofs can be given a new lease of life.

75% of the asbestos roofs fitted during the 20th century are still in place, so it is a regular feature on a commercial building.

We explain the various options of refurbishing asbestos roofs, and the pros and cons of each.

Then we share insights into what factors to consider at the commencement, and how to safely create a functional, watertight roof.

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Gutters – successful waterproofing

Our belief is that no single gutter waterproofing option can be “all things to all gutters”.

Some systems lend themselves well to specific gutter types, and other options are better suited to the other gutter types.

There are many waterproofing systems on the market, and in our CPDs we help surveyors know as much as possible about the different types, so you can specify with confidence.

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Flat roofs – handmade or factory made?

In this CPD seminar, we explore how flat roofs perform at “handmade” joints and applications, compared to factory-made seams and details.

We explain how todays’ manufacturing processes can eliminate ambiguity and issues at the usual problem areas for flat roofs.

Then we share insights into what factors to consider at the design stage, and how to create a functional and compliant roof that is energy efficient.

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Metal corrosion – how to treat it

This CPD guides you through the causes, effects, prevention and safe treatment of metal corrosion in buildings and structures.

There are many coatings on the market so selecting the best type for your project can sometimes be daunting, and in our CPDs we help surveyors know as much as possible about coatings and techniques.

Our goal is to remove uncertainty when specifying the most suitable coating system.

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Our technical seminars last approx 40 minutes and are available to Industrial Building Surveyors and Project Managers.

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