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Arrest corrosion and weather-related degradation of metal roofs with today’s coating technologies

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Solvent Free Solutions

Rooflock 1070 for Cut Edge Corrosion

Solvent-free coating for repair of corroded sheet ends, developed for speed of use to save labour costs

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Rooflock Twelve for Cut Edge Corrosion Treatment 

For repair of corroded sheet ends, suited for use with Rooflock Twelve HR as a complete coating system

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Metal roof coating

Rooflock Twelve HR - Coating for Metal Cladding & Roofs

2-component, UV stable coating system for long term refurbishment of metal roofs and wall cladding

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Solvent Free Solutions

Rooflock Twelve for Sealing Roof Penetrations & Details

Seamless liquid-applied system for waterproofing around service penetrations in both new-build and refurbishment roofing

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Rooflock R - Roof Repair Coating

Fast roof and gutter repair coating, with fibre reinforcements for added strength. Up to 10 years durability

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