Gutter Waterproofing / Gutter Coating System

Rooflock Twelve Gutter Coating System

Rooflock Twelve Gutter Coating System is a proven system for waterproofing and protecting eaves gutters and central valley gutters. Widely specified in dilapidations and refurbishments.

15 year warranty

A 15 year Rooflock Product Warranty* provides peace of mind for the installer and the building owner.

Fully Reinforced Seamless Coating System

A fully reinforced system that withstands building movement and foot traffic.

Deters Moss Growth

The non-chalking, semi-gloss finish of Rooflock Twelve Gutter Coating System helps to shed water and deter moss growth, making for easy maintenance of the gutter and reducing the chances of buildup and blockage.

* For projects requiring a warranty, Rooflock must be consulted prior to commencement of the project

Standing Water

Standing water in a metal gutter accelerates corrosion of the substrate, ultimately resulting in failure if the gutter is not adequately protected with a high performance waterproofing system. However, if corrosion is arrested with Rooflock Twelve Gutter System before any structural damage occurs, the long term performance of the gutter can be safeguarded without prior need for replacement. We recommend that all gutters are regularly maintained and cleaned to ensure free flow of water to the drains. Standing water promotes the growth of organic matter, which can clog the gutter and cause leaks if the water backs up into the building

  • 15 year warranty available*
  • Semi-gloss, non-chalking finish helps to deter moss growth
  • Fully reinforced, seamless coating system
  • No disturbance or loosening of roof sheets
  • Reduced installation times
  • Incorporates rust inhibiting primer
  • Does not restrict flow rates
  • Cold applied

* For projects requiring a warranty, Rooflock technical team must be consulted prior to commencement of project

  • Galvanised steel
  • Cast iron
  • Concrete
  • Bitumen
  • Single Ply membrane – contact Rooflock for advice

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