Gutters / Flexible Gutter System

Rooflock Eighteen NoWeld Gutter Liner

No hot air welding

Requiring no hot-air welding during installation, the Rooflock Eighteen Gutter system allows rapid lining of failed gutters and is easily formed to suit any gutter profile or shape. 

To increase reliability and reduce installation costs, joints are required only every 30 metres and utilise the unique Rooflock No-Weld jointing technology.

Use all year round – even in the winter

Fewer weather related delays, compared to liquid applied coating systems.

High foot traffic resistance and easy to clean

This very flexible membrane system incorporates strong protection at gutter bolt locations, and there are no obstructions within the liner to create the effect of a dam, making gutter cleaning easier and quicker.

  • 25 year warranty
  • Very flexible and easy to form into existing gutter profiles
  • No heat welding at joints or outlets
  • Easy to form the gutter stop-ends
  • No obstructions or "dams" within the gutter - easy to clean out
  • High foot traffic resistance with strong protection at gutter bolt locations
  • No plasticisers - better for the environment

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