Rooflock Twelve HR for Metal Cladding & Roofs

Rooflock Twelve HR for metal cladding and roofs is a UV stable, aliphatic coating system for refurbishing metal pitched roofs and wall cladding, that is appreciated by specifiers for its superior aesthetics and by contractors for its ease of use. Suited to general refurbishments and dilapidations projects.

A guaranteed roof system

With warranties of 10 and 15 years available, you have the assurance of a high performance and durable roof system. (For projects requiring a warranty, Rooflock technical team must be consulted prior to commencement of project.)

Low viscosity – very easy to use

The low viscosity easy-to-use formulation gives significant time savings compared to other coating types. It is applied using either brush and roller or airless spraying techniques. When using spray application, installation is rapid and weather-related delays are reduced.

Superior aesthetics

The durable, semi-gloss UV stable finish provides superior aesthetics and a neat smooth appearance that does not yellow or chalk off over time.

Incorporates rust inhibiting primer

Rooflock Twelve HR system incorporates a rust inhibiting primer, which helps to halt future formation of rust, particularly if the coating system is damaged by heavy abrasion.


The cure time of Rooflock Twelve HR is consistent, due to its two-component formulation, and can be used year-round and in low temperatures.  It has a very high resistance to UV degradation and fading.


Rooflock Twelve HR coating does not contain plasticisers, eliminating the risk of waterway contamination, and ensuring that the system does not go brittle over time.

  • Guaranteed roof system – 10 and 15 years warranties* available
  • Superior aesthetics from the durable, semi-gloss UV stable finish
  • Two-component formulation - consistent cure year-round and in low temperatures.
  • Low viscosity – very easy to use
  • Incorporates rust inhibiting primer
  • Very high scratch resistance
  • Free from plasticisers
    • reduces pollution of waterways
    • remains flexible and does not go brittle over time
  • Compatible with almost all metal roof substrates

* For projects requiring a warranty, Rooflock technical team must be consulted prior to commencement of project

  • Steel
  • Aluminium
  • Zinc
  • Coated steel
  • Plastisol based coatings

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