Rooflock CPD Seminar

Treating and Preventing Metal Corrosion

Treating And Preventing Metal Corrosion

An Explanation for Building Owners & Surveyors

Do You Ever Ask...

What is the most practical and relevant corrosion prevention for my project?

Have You Ever Wondered...

Why do metals corrode faster in coastal locations and what extra corrosion protection should be specified for a coastal environment?

What is That...

There are many types of metal coatings - what are the differences between them all?

Get all the answers and more

Our friendly CPD seminar guides you through the causes, effects, prevention and safe treatment of metal corrosion, particulary in buildings and structures.

CPD Guide
CPD Guide

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Our beneficial seminar lasts 35-40 minutes and is available to Surveyors, Building Owners, Architects, Facilities Management Companies and other building professionals.

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