Refurbishment Flat Roof Waterproofing / Flat Roof Waterproofing System

Rooflock Eighteen: NoWeld Flat Roofing.

An extruded EPDM that is unrivalled in lifespan and is jointed without onsite hot-air welding.

Rooflock Eighteen has been specifically developed as a guaranteed roof system with significantly reduced labour costs for the commercial roofing sector.

No-Weld Joints - labour saving

A simple and rapid factory-made jointing system saves you on labour costs and removes the ambiguity of onsite welding.  No hot-air welding.  No long power cables.  Saves you significant costs.

Regulated – approved contractors only

Roofing installations work only if projects are meticulously regulated to ensure correct installation specifications are followed.  That is why Rooflock Eighteen is only available to Rooflock Partner Contractors and is never available to DIYers, joiners or online suppliers.

Here is a Technical Blog article where we explore if EPDM should be given a second chance.

25 year product warranty

Rooflock Eighteen system has a 25 year product warranty and you can specify with total confidence.  The anticipated lifespan of the membrane and jointing system is 40+ years.

Exclusive – no online supplies

Rooflock Eighteen is only available to Rooflock Partner Contractors.

Extruded – no pin holes (unlike ordinary calendared EPDM)

Modern manufacturing processes remove risk of air pockets or pinholes within the membrane and remove the need for talc on the membrane surface. Extrusion also produces a consistent thickness, which gives a membrane that easily lays flat.

Rooflock Eighteen for Flat Roof Waterproofing
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