Rooflock 1000 Tape

Rooflock 1000 Tape is designed for making rapid, durable waterproofing repairs to almost any surface. It produces a superior seal that is UV stable, waterproof and airtight. Thickness: 0.8mm.

rooflock 1000 tape high performance
Product Code Size Box Qty
RL 1000 100 x 15 Grey 100mm x 15m 6
RL 1000 150 x 15 Grey 150mm x 15m 4
RL 1000 200 x 15 Grey 200mm x 15m 3
RL 1000 300 x 15 Grey 300mm x 15m 2

Colour: Grey RAL7000

NB: Rooflock Tape Primer must be used for all porous surfaces, including concrete, masonry, fibre cement, felt, asphalt and timber