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Flowlock SRP EP200 - Protective Epoxy primer with oxide inhibitor

Flowlock SRP E200 is a protective epoxy-based anti-corrosion primer for treating exposed steel, particularly steel reinforcing bars in concrete and other structural elements.

It is a high performance, 2 component primer with oxide inhibitors to create a sound base for structural concrete repairs, providing an effective barrier against water and chlorides.

  • Protection and corrosion control for steel reinforcements in structural concrete
  • Primer for steel reinforcements prior to application of a Flowlock Structural Concrete Repair Mortar
  • Primer for structural metal prior to application of a Flowlock EP-range Epoxy coating system (Pipelines, tanks, metal structures)
  • Effective barrier against water and chlorides
  • Excellent corrosion inhibitor properties
  • Excellent adhesion to steel
  • Very good abrasion resistance
  • Epoxy based and solvent free - environmentally friendly

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