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Flowlock SRP A100 - Migrating Corrosion Inhibitor for reinforced concrete

Flowlock SRP A100 is a transparent, amine-carboxylate migrating corrosion inhibitor for the protection of steel reinforcements against corrosion and to extend the durability of concrete in aggressive environments.

  • Protection and corrosion control for steel reinforcements in structural concrete from the effects of carbonation, chlorides and chemical environments.
  • Preventive anti-corrosion protection of reinforcement steels not yet affected by corrosion, for example: civil engineering structures, facades, road and rail infrastructure, water treatment plants, industrial facilities etc.
  • Anticorrosion protection of areas surrounding structural concrete repairs.
  • Up to 60mm penetration
  • Protects both the anodic and cathodic areas of the steel
  • Reduces the speed of carbonation induced corrosion
  • Greatly extends the service life of the concrete structure
  • Allows water vapour diffusion
  • Transparent
  • Solvent free

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