Fasteners for Fibre Cement Roofing

Fastener systems for fibre cement sheets

Fasteners for Fibre Cement Roofing

Fastec DFC Fasteners

Fastec DFC Fasteners provide a speedy, one piece fastener system for fibre cement sheets.  Assembled with UV resistant BAZ washers, manufactured from TPE and stainless steel, these fasteners incorporate a winged shank to eliminate pre-drilling and provide correct expansion clearance.

Fastec RLS FC Stitching Fasteners

Fastec RLS FC Fasteners provide a positive method of clamping fragile roofing materials, such as fibre cement or translucent rooflights.  As the fastener is installed and tightened, the UV resistant EPDM sleeve expands to clamp the materials, yet still allows for expansion and contraction of the roofing sheeting.  Requires a 9.5mm pre-drilled hole.  Can be fitted with an SC 28 sealing cover for improved aesthetics and protection.  Also available in stainless steel.

Fastec Hook Bolts and Nuts

For fastening fibre cement to angle or channel purlins.  BZP.  Requires a 9.5mm pre-drilled hole.  Also available in stainless steel, open jaw, crook bolts, J-bolts, U-bolts and square bend.  When calculating bolt lengths allow 20mm projection for the nut and washer.

Fastec Roofing Washers

A comprehensive range of roofing washers to a wide variety of applications.

Fastec Sealing Washers & Covers

Sealing washers and covers provide a weatherseal on all types of profiled sheeting.  Manufactured from UV stabilised PVC.