Fastec HD SS 6.0 Fasteners

Stainless steel flat roofing fastener for fixing to concrete, steel and timber decking

Fastec HD SS 6.0 Stainless Fasteners

The Fastec HD SS 6.0 Fastener range has excellent performance in concrete, steel and timber decks.  Designed for fixing insulation and single ply membrane with Fastec Pressure Plates, this versatile fastener is particularly suited to fastening into concrete and for applications requiring long length fasteners.

For fastening to steel and aluminium thickness 0.7 – 1.6mm, concrete and timber decking.  When fastening HD SS 6.0 fasteners into concrete, a 5.0mm diameter pilot hole is required.

Drive style PP3.

Fastec HD SS 6.0 Fasteners - from 30mm to 300mm length

HD SS 6.0 x 30
HD SS 6.0 x 50
HD SS 6.0 x 75
HD SS 6.0 x 100
HD SS 6.0 x 125
HD SS 6.0 x 150
HD SS 6.0 x 175                        
HD SS 6.0 x 225                        
HD SS 6.0 x 250                    
HD SS 6.0 x 275
HD SS 6.0 x 300