Rooflock Tape

Create longer lasting roof repairs with Rooflock Tape - a self-adhesive tape for roof waterproofing and repairs.

Rooflock Tape

Rooflock Tape is an extremely high performance, all-purpose waterproofing tape that permanently bonds and seals to almost any surface.

Simple, rapid repairs for roofs

Rooflock Tape is rapidly seals leaks in roofing membranes, gutters and flashings.  It is widely used in the roofing and maintenance industries as a very high performance, long term roof leak repair product, a permanent sealant between dissimilar single ply membranes, as a gutter sealant, or even a general repair tape.

Featuring Microsealant® pressure-sensitive adhesive sealant technology, Rooflock Tape is completely bitumen free and creates a waterproof seal in only minutes.

How Rooflock Tape works

Rooflock Tape features the unique and innovative Microsealant® adhesive backing that permanently seals to almost every construction material.

Microsealant® is a pressure activated adhesive that uses firm pressure from a roller during installation to initiate the bond.  This creates a very fast and easy method of sealing and waterproofing any kind of non-pressurised leak, including leaks in roofing membranes, gutters and flashings.

As Microsealant® contains synthetic rubbers, with no butyl or bitumen, it does not dry out with age or exposure to UV light, and has an anticipated life span of over 10 years.

Rooflock Tape even looks great too, with a smooth top finish in light grey, black or white.


  • Permanently bonds and seals to almost every construction material
  • Rapidly creates long lasting roof repairs
  • Completely bitumen free
  • Over 10 years life expectancy
    –   long term economical solution
  • Smart smooth finish to repaired area
  • Even seals and repairs single ply roofing membranes
    –   EPDM, TPO and aged PVC
  • Clean and simple to use
    –   requires no specialist knowledge or trades
  • Cold applied
    –   no heat required for installation

Suitable substrates

  • Aluminium
  • Copper
  • Glass
  • EPDM, TPO and aged PVC single ply membranes
  • SBS bitumen
  • Asphalt
  • Concrete
  • Masonry
  • Fibre cement
  • Clay tiles
  • Lead
  • Timber
  • Slate
  • Fibreglass

NB: Rooflock Tape (like almost everything else!) does not bond securely to silicone

Rooflock® and Microsealant® are registered trademarks of Rooflock

Available Colours

Available in black, white and grey (RAL 7001)

Frequently Asked Questions

What surfaces does Rooflock Tape adhere to?

All construction materials (except silicone).

Does Rooflock Tape require a primer?

When applying Rooflock Tape to porous surfaces, such as concrete, masonry, fibre cement, felt or timber, use Rooflock Tape Primer. Do not use Rooflock Tape Primer on PVC roofs.

How long will Rooflock Tape last for?

Rooflock Tape has a life expectancy of over 10 years.

Will I need to use any heat to make Rooflock Tape adhere?

No. Rooflock Tape is completely cold applied.

Can I apply Rooflock Tape in cold weather?

Yes. When applying Rooflock Tape in temperatures below 5ºC, it is important to keep the tape warm at room temperature prior to use. Treat the area with Rooflock Tape Primer and allow to dry, and then apply the Rooflock Tape.

Where to use Rooflock Tape