Rooflock Twelve System for Cut Edge Corrosion Treatment

A UV stable system for cut edge corrosion treatment

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Rooflock Twelve for Cut Edge Corrosion Treatment

Rooflock Twelve is widely specified for the protection of corroded metal roof sheets, in particular cut edge corrosion.

Applied directly to corrosion affected lap joints as an external seal, it has a strong adhesion to most metal roof coatings. With its high elasticity and flexibility, it withstands sheet movement and is unaffected by extremes of temperature.

Applied by a network of approved contractors, Rooflock Twelve is a very cost effective method of extending the life of the roof with little disruption.


  • 10 year warranty
  • Cost effective method of extending life of roof
  • Simple to use
  • UV stable
  • Unaffected by extremes of temperature
  • Applied without disturbing existing sheets or fixings

Compatible substrates

  • Steel
  • Aluminium
  • PVF2 / PVDF
  • Acrylic coatings
  • Polyurethane coatings


RAL 7038

Other RAL colours are available to order

What is cut edge corrosion?

Cut Edge Corrosion is the term given to corrosion that develops at the cut edges of a steel roof sheet. It can develop from poorly coated machined edges of the metal sheets, or by breakdown of the original lap sealants, allowing water to be retained between the roof sheets. As the steel begins to corrode, the original coating peels off and water is further retained between the roof sheets, exacerbating the corrosion further.

How do I treat cut edge corrosion?

If unchecked, cut edge corrosion can progress to become a serious problem affecting both the weatherproofing and structural integrity of the roof. By addressing this issue early with application of a dedicated metal protection product such as Rooflock Cut Edge Corrosion System, potentially costly and disruptive remedial action can be avoided.