Flowlock F1000 Internal Floor Coating System

High performance, one-component polyurethane floor coating system for internal applications

Flowlock F1000 Internal Floor Coating System

Flowlock Floor Coating Systems create heavy duty surfaces to withstand the constant stresses than an industrial floor is exposed to during its service life.  The Flowlock range of high performance floor coatings protects your industrial floor substrate from abrasion, impact damage and chemical attack, while maintaining high quality aesthetics.

Flowlock F1000 is a high performance, one-component polyurethane, thin layer floor coating system for internal applications.  It creates an abrasion resistant and chemical resistant protective gloss layer.  Suitable for high wear areas, such as warehouses, internal car parks and industrial production zones

Skid inhibiting surface

A skid inhibiting surface can be incorporated into Flowlock F1000 system to improve traction in heavily trafficked areas.


  • Simple application (roller or airless spray)
  • Creates an aesthetically pleasing surface
  • Resistant to constant wear and abrasion
  • Resistant to heat and frost
  • Gloss surface that is easy to maintain
  • Can incorporate skid inhibiting surface
  • Creates dust free environment


  • Internal car parking areas
  • Warehouses
  • Industrial production areas
  • Offices & shops
  • Showrooms
  • Sports floors
  • Cold storage rooms
  • Supermarkets

Available Colours

Silver Grey (RAL 7001), Light Grey (RAL 7047) and Beige (RAL 1015).  Other colours available to order.