Fastflow Poly 2 Adhesive for Flat Roofing Insulation

Two-component roof insulation adhesive with a rapid cure time, even in freezing temperatures

Fastflow Poly 2 Adhesive

The original two-component roofing adhesive.

Fastflow Poly 2 Adhesive is the original two-component, chemical cure roofing adhesive, specifically formulated to attach insulation boards to a timber, steel or concrete roof deck or to an existing waterproofing system.

Fastflow Poly 2 Adhesive has been tested by Kingspan and is suitable for use for adhering Kingspan OPTIM-R vacuum insulated panel system.

Consistent & fast set time.

Fastflow Poly 2 Adhesive has a very fast setting time regardless of ambient temperatures. Insulation boards are ‘locked down’ so that further roofing work may commence within 5 -10 minutes, and the adhesive is stronger than the insulation in 20 – 30 minutes.

What is a two component adhesive?

In a dual component adhesive, such as Fastflow Poly 2 Adhesive, both the A & B components are mixed within the integral mixing nozzle, providing the catalyst to rapidly cure and lock the insulation down within 10 minutes, even in freezing temperatures. This rapid cure allows Fastflow Poly 2 Adhesive to be used year round without causing delay to projects’ time scales. The densely crosslinked cell structure gives a powerful and durable bond.


  • Rapid, 10 minutes lockdown time – labour saving
  • Unaffected by ambient temperatures – use even below 0ºC
  • Even, consistent foaming properties –  does not lift boards during cure
  • Strong, crosslinked cell structure gives powerful and durable adhesion
  • Pressure-free container – easy to dispose of.