Fastflow Paving Supports

Fastflow Paving Supports

The installation of paving or decking above a roofing system is a simple and aesthetically pleasing method of protecting the roofing membrane against direct wear and tear, UV radiation, and the growth of unwanted vegetation.

The Rooflock range of fixed and adjustable Paving Supports also enables pipework and cabling to be routed below walkways and decking, whilst permitting easy removal to allow for maintenance of the roof system and services.


  • Large load spread capability
  • No involvement of wet trades – save time on site
  • Compatible with PVC, EPDM, TPO & SBS Bitumen
  • Allows efficient drainage – ensuring no puddles

Adjustable Paving Support

Available from 35mm – 380mm height

Fixed Paving Support

RPS 7.5 7.5mm high x 180m diameter
RPS 15 15mm high x 180m diameter
RPS 45 45mm high x 180m diameter
RPS SHIM 1mm thickness x 180m diameter