Fastflow Connectorseal

For sealing challenging penetrations through a flat roof

Fastflow Connectorseal

The Fastflow Connectorseal is a unique and innovative system for sealing around pipes and penetrations. The inter-locking system is assembled on-site and filled with Fastflow Sealer; a rapidly setting sealer that cures within 1 hour.

Connectorseal is available in one piece form or as individual components, with external corners and straight sections to enable the optimum size and shape to be created.


  • Roofers favourite for awkward details and penetrations
    –   no tools required
  • Easy application
    –   simply mix and pour
  • Quick and easy installation
    –   sealer cures within 1 hour
  • Fastflow Connectorseal becomes a one-piece seal
    –   long lasting high strength
  • No need to involve other trades
    –   labour saving

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cure time of Fastflow Sealer?

Fastflow Sealer is designed to be fast curing and fast setting.  At +20°C the sealer will become waterproof in approximately 30 minutes and will cure within an hour.  Pot life will be slightly increased at lower temperatures and slightly decreased at higher temperatures

Are there any temperature restrictions when installing Fastflow Connectorseal and filling it with Fastflow Sealer?

  • Ambient and substrate temperature:
    – Minimum 0°C
    – Maximum +35°C
  • Maximum relative atmospheric humidity: 95%

What is the shelf-life of Fastflow Sealer?

Fastflow Sealer has a shelf-life of six months from the date of manufacture when stored unopened in a cool, dry well ventilated place above freezing and out of direct sunlight. Storing material in direct sunlight or at high temperatures (32°C and above) should be avoided.

Can Fastflow Connectorseal be applied to a wet substrate?

No. All substrates must be dry prior to application. When sealants are applied to a wet substrate, the result is a weak bond.

Fastflow Sealer

FW SEALER  2500ml (5kg) kit                           ……

Substrate Sealant

FW LPS   300ml standard cartridge

Fastflow Connectorseal

FWCS 100   Square 100mm x 100mm
FWCS 150 Square 150mm x 150mm…………….
FWCS 200 Square 200mm x 200mm

Fastflow Connectorseal Individual Components

FWCS EC External Corner 90°
FWCS SS 150 Straight Section 150mm……………………
FWCS SS 250 Straight Section 250mm
FWCS SS 300 Straight Section 300mm