Fastflow Adhesives for roofing

For attachment of roofing insulation and membranes

Fastflow Poly 2 Adhesive for Flat Roofing Insulation

Fastflow Poly 2 Adhesive is a quick curing two component adhesive with a chemical cure, specifically formulated to attach insulation boards as part of a flat roofing system. Easy to use, it is a rapid cure adhesive regardless of ambient temperature conditions.

Benefits of Fastflow Poly 2 Adhesive

  • Two-part chemical cure adhesive consistent and fast cure time
  • No temperature restrictions allows application even in freezing temperatures
  • Does not lift insulation boards no need to weigh them down
  • Pressure-free container easy disposal

Fastflow Poly 1 Adhesive

Fastflow Poly 1 Adhesive is an easy-to-use, single component polyurethane adhesive formulated to attach a wide range of insulation boards and roofing membranes.

Benefits of Fastflow Poly 1 Adhesive

  • Solvent free
  • Suitable for most types of insulation
  • Cold applied
  • No additional applicator tools required
  • Pressure-free container – easy disposal

Fastflow Poly 3 Adhesive

Fastflow Poly 3 Adhesive is the simple foaming adhesive for roofing, specifically formulated to bond flat roofing insulation boards to a timber, steel or concrete roof deck or to an existing waterproofing system.

Benefits of Fastflow Poly 3 Adhesive

  • Special cleaner ensures the hose does not get blocked
  • Rapid, 15 – 20 minutes* lockdown time – no delays on site
  • Non-flammable – no special storage requirements
  • Solvent and VOC free
  • Compact – up to 350m² coverage in a 22 litre canister