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Case Study

New Build Residential Passivhaus


New Build Residential Passivhaus

Location: Neston, Cheshire

The Task: Rooflock Twelve was specified for this striking new-build Passivhaus in Cheshire.

Passivhaus standard is awarded for new build housing which delivers comfort, yet uses little energy for heating and cooling.  Heat is recovered and recirculated, so the building needs to reach an airtight standard.  This project had a flat roof of 300m² which required a reliable, durable and thermally functional waterproofing system, which would ensure that the Passivhaus would function properly.

The Solution: Rooflock Twelve system for flat roofing was specified for its ease of use and durability.  Rooflock Twelve is typically applied using the wet-on-wet technique, which crucially ensures total integration of the embedment layer and top layer, and avoids delamination risks. Installation is rapid and weather-related delays are reduced.

This system included the structural components and accessories required. With a 20 year warranty, the client had assurance of a high performance and durable roof system. Rooflock Twelve coating does not contain plasticisers, eliminating the risk of waterway contamination, and ensuring that the system does not go brittle over time.

The Result